Effective international supply chain management

Date: 30/03/2021

Start Time: 2:00 pm

End Time: 3:00 pm

Global supply chains have been in the spotlight over recent years; the UK’s decision to leave the EU trading bloc, the ongoing US-China trade war, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic have all served to highlight the often fragile and interdependent nature of international supply chains.

In the face of economic pressures and competition, global supply chains are under more and more pressure to deliver products at a greater value, on-time and at a lower cost. However, when one link in the supply chain breaks, the consequences for small business can be significant.

Join Andrea Collins of The Export Department for this webinar session to understand how you can better manage the supply chain process and reduce the downstream strain on your business. Andrea will be talking about sourcing overseas support, accurate expectation setting over buying patterns and schedules, obtaining robust and regular inventory updates, ways to improve communication and relationships, addressing vulnerabilities and mitigating risk, sourcing from your domestic market, and much more.

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